Monday, August 29, 2011

More School or No?

I have been thinking about it and I think it would be great to do more school but there are so many factors and I don't really know anything about it. Can you help me out? What exactly is a Master's Degree? Where should I go? How do I pay for it? Are online schools good? What should I study I was thinking about a teaching degree?? Is it weird to get an Associate Degree after getting a Bachelor's? I was thinking about just getting an Office Management Associate's degree because I love organizing and really like working in offices and I get to learn computer programs to help me. Do you think this would be a good option? If you know the answer to any of these you should let me know! I am confused by so many choices. Especially my bros should know what is good :)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Dating Takes a LOT of Faith and Patience

So I have not been asked on very many dates in the last year...I would say two or three which is sad. But last week I went on three dates and this week I went on three dates with multiple guys but a couple repeated. This was very intense and random to me but I loved it. The only part I don't like is nothing really worked out with any of the guys and so I am stuck at point A again. Sometimes it feels like I will never find that forever but no rush is needed when we are talking about eternity.

Dating can be super awkward.
Dating can be super fun.
Dating can be non-existent
Dating can be frustrating.
Dating can be embarrassing.
Dating can be an adventure!

With so many up and downs...I would just like to say I would love it if I did not have to worry about Dating ever again. Unfortunately that is not the case so I will enjoy it while I can!