Wednesday, December 30, 2009

1 more down 3 to go!

I found out today that I passed all of my classes for Fall 2009 at BYU I took some difficult classes including retaking American Heritage. As the semester has gone on I have become very nervous I would fail again. The tests are hard for me. I studied and studied and studied. Any time my friend Ailli would ask me what I did or was going to do that night the answer was studying for American Heritage. I am so glad and feel so good that this classes are over and won't have to ever worry about them again! I now have three more semesters of college left! I am trying to figure out where the time went!!? I can't figure it out it feels like just yesterday I walked into my first ever college class. At that time it seemed like an impossible task to complete all of the requirements. But now I can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel! I am taking a lot of fun classes here at the end I have the worst of it all over with!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Joke of the Day!

Why do we say Amen instead of Awomen?


Because we sing hymns not hers!

This is a joke that my new testament teacher Brother Johnson told us and I have loved it ever since haha.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

College: A True Blessing

School is very intense right now. I took two tests today...I study for American Heritage for about 15 hours in the last week. AH! I am done with that one thank goodness... however did not do as well as hoped :D I have to take another test Friday(tomorrow) and one on Monday.... than I have a huge American Heritage paper due Thursday next week...a paper due Friday and a paper due Monday all equally agonizing and lengthy. On top of that I have all normal reading, quizzes and homework assignments. This is typical for all college students here at the Y and I am sure other colleges. When do I enjoy life? Well this might sound odd but I should while I am going through all of this! While studying for my American Heritage test I came to realize I am not at school to pass college and cram everything in and forget it but I am here to learn and apply stuff to life. I learned so much about the US Constitution and government system. I now know how our nation became a nation and how the system works. What a wonderful blessing it is to be here and to learn about such important points in the history of our country. Without the 19th Ammendment which was passed in 1920 I would not have the right as a women to vote. I believe this is a true blessing to be able to vote. Or what a significant even the Civil War was 618,000 people died and was a very bloody war during the time of Abe Lincoln. This helped end slavery. Where would we be today if we still had slavery? I am very grateful to my Father in Heaven to let me have the chance to attend BYU. I hope I can continue to have my eyes open to the real reason I am here whether I pass or fail my classes grade wise this semester I have gained knowledge that I can take with me for eternity! Now that I am forever grateful.

Friday, September 11, 2009

BYU Cougars did it!!!

Last weekend the BYU Cougars beat Oklahoma!! It was awesome! I was able to participate in the post events of the game after getting home from work for the last couple of seconds in the game. Which is all I care about really :D Provo was crazy that night people were screaming on the streets all hours of the night. This video is of the block party on my street that I went to check out. After the party we proceeded up ninth east in a group at least a hundred stopping traffic and cars honking like crazy! The BYU spirit was alive and happy that night! Tomorrow we will beat Tulane!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

This was so funny. I went to the park with my brother Samuel and he was spinning my nephew I love having nieces and a nephew they make life so much fun! Ty Ty has the cutest laugh that makes me happy !

Friday, July 10, 2009

Life Still In Provo

Things are not that exciting in Provo. I spend most of my time at work do what I do best flipping burgers however that is not my job but most people think I do all day. I made a goal at the beginning of the summer to go on at least two dates that the guy askes me out on...still has not even gotten close to that goal. I miss Melissa and Aubrey and can't wait for their return for yet another exciting school year! My plan is to enjoy the summer while I can cause next thing I know it I will be wanting the summer again :D

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bud Graduated Day!!!!

I have now been graduated for three years on June 1st. That is just crazy! I really think the last three years of my life. I have finish two years of college and continuing it is great. Going to my brother Adam Michael's graduation brought back lots of good memories. I sometimes wish life was as easy as high school however I like to grow and so that would not really worked out. :D I am so proud of Adam he graduated at the top of his class with a Cum. GPA of 3.93 he has done an awesome job and will be attending BYU in the fall with me and my sister Missy. I am excited to take a class or two with him while he is here. Congratulations Buddy!!! We love you!!

This video is with a couple of people that walked before Adam but if you watch it will show him and you lots of girls cheering for him including awesome sister Laurel. (he is a ladies man :D)

Not Shown in first pic: Sam, Laurel, and Baby Kate!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

New Calling

I received the new calling of Relief Society teacher at church and got the privilege to teach today. It was the first time I have ever taught ever. It was very nerve racking and I think I was freaking out when Sunday School came. When I got to RS I was panicking and I had to run to the bathroom quickly so I did not wet myself. That would have been horrible. oh wow! I feel that it went alright for my first time. The spirit was there and that made me so happy I just wanted the girls in my ward to be somewhere they could feel the spirit of the Lord more strongly and feel lifted by each others comments. I will be teaching again in a couple of weeks. :D

Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Tribute to Jessica Jean Heaton

Jessica Jean Heaton a awesome friend, former roommate, and leader. Jessica is a very dear friend during my sophomore year of college. She is so full of life and happiness. She leaves to go on a full time LDS mission in less than a week. This video gives you an idea of how wonderful and pretty she truly is. Good luck in Toronto Canada Jessica! We all love you dearly! You will be a great missionary of the Lord!

This video was taken a year ago at Apt 53 of the Villa Jessica didn't want me to show off her mad skills but then said I could post it later on but I decided to put it on here instead of facebook. :D I am finally putting it up!

Note to Jessica: I love you so much! Congrats on your call!! Every time I watch this video I can't help but be very happy and smiley. I love you! You are so awesome! You will do awesome in Canada!! You go girl!

Frustration of the Grass

My darling gorgeous niece Kate sits on the lawn at my parents house begging for the ball while she sits on the grass but will not crawl on the grass. Bless her! She is such a cutie from some amazing parents! She started crawling on the grass later that evening!

"Ba! Ba!" - Kate Piccolo

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mr. Blackburn - Truly A Hero

Mr. Blackburn's choir classes were the best possible classes that I could have ever taken in Jr. High. He not only taught me how to sing well, read music, and be a member of a choir but above all he taught us about life virtues patience, kindness, love dedication, hard work, and persistence. Discipline is one thing that I really needed to learn while in his class. His class was always so structured and well organized. I loved the passion he has for his students and for the music. One thing that I enjoyed about his concert was reminder about he does it all! He plays the piano and conducts the choir at the same time I just love how he manages to do it so well. I have never been in any choir when the director could do such talented work. Now being 6 years since I have been in his class I still long for the chance to be in his presence because it has made such a positive effect in my life. I will never forget his jingles...any one who has had him knows what I am talking about! Mr. B has made a great impact in my life! Thank you! I love him dearly! I wish him the best in his future of composing music and the rest of his endeavors.

I went to Mr. Blackburn's last concert which was very good. I have a great friend in Chamber Choir his name is Lance Elliott and he is just awesome! I am so proud of how well he did. I was so excited to go and see him perform. The concert was great everyone was excellent singers and the guitarist rocked. I couldn't ask for a better concert! Lance you did amazing! You are the best!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Being a Girl!

I think that there are a lot of reasons that I would rather be a man. I don't really like all of the stuff that comes with being a woman. All of the things we go through. We have to be the pregnant ones thankfully I have not done that one yet. but when it is my turn it will be so fun! haha and painful. having periods, dealing with men, and being emotional. It is all just one big thing of fun and I really do like being a girl at most parts of life. It is far much more fun. I love going shopping and being able to dress up pretty and all. I love being a girl! Life is such an exciting thing!!