Saturday, May 28, 2011

Just the Beginning

I have now been exercising more regularly. I am trying to get ready for the Freedom Run 5K this year! I usually just run it. This year I want to do my best time and do it faster and feel like I am more in health and not dying during the race :)

So yesterday I ran 3.25 miles on an average of 11:20 minutes. This seems very slow but pretty good for a starting point.

My goal is 8:45 minute miles. :)

Any tips to improve my time or motivate me would be great!

Also anyone whoever wants to run with me would be awesome!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Can anyone guess where I am? I am in CALI!! I went to Disneyland yesterday and I am going back tomorrow. I had a lot of fun going yesterday. I got to hang out with cute 10-yr old Julia Conover. She is very sweet and fun to talk with. I have not gotten to ride any of the really fun rides because Julia was afraid. But I look forward to riding them with others tomorrow :) Hope you are enjoying Utah weather while I am in the very nice awesome Cali weather!