Sunday, August 22, 2010

Summer Reflection :)

What a great Summer!!! The summer is coming to an end and this is a very sad story of my life. I have been having such a great time and now I must move on to my last year at BYU. School can be tough and rough but I will make it through :) I think this year will be the best yet!! I am taking some really good classes I can't wait for and I only have two more GE's!!! I have had a chance to spend time with my family this summer and I have met an awesome guy :) I went on a lot of adventures and spent a ton of time with friends and family! I worked a ton this summer and have saved up money to finish school and now all I have to do is finish! ha ha I must move all of my stuff to my apartment this week which does not sound fun at all at this point but I am sure I will love it when I get there especially since Aubs is going to be there :) My life is always changing whether I take the time to realize or not but the changes have been good for me! My life is so different from before but I am still the same persons! I still have one more week left of summer. What should I do? this is an excellent question! There are so many things that I want to do I can't do them all but I am going to make sure this week is worth while.
Random fact: today Megs painted my toe nails each foot a different color :) haha it is pretty funny, funny looking too.
One of the biggest things to me that happened this summer was the fact that I now have a car!!! WAHOO!! I have been loving every minute of it!! I can go where ever I want to when I want to :)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I love Megs, TY, and Kayla! We had a fun afternoon this only shows the climax! haha I don't remember I couldn't breathe or see anything :D haha it was wonderful! They all decided to dog pile me.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Good Summer Weekend :D

:) This last weekend was very fun! I did a lot of stuff and still worked a lot! I watched Chronicles of Narnia with Ryan and Brenda which was an adventure in of itself. The movie was very good I enjoyed it which is funny cause I generally don't like movies of that genre but I am starting to enjoy them more! Especially when I have someone as awesome as Ryan to watch them with :D We also went tunnel singing on Sunday which I have only done one other time but it was way fun and I enjoyed it! I sure do love singing not to mention I got to see Clarke which hasn't happened for a long time. Ryan and I ran through the sprinklers afterwards and I chased him around it was a great amounts of fun!! This is only part of why my weekend was so great :D It was nice to have fun and relax.