Monday, July 25, 2011

New Baby Has Arrived!! :)

drum roll please!! I have a new niece and her name is

Liliana Alice Piccolo

I think her name is very lovely! I got to hold her on the day she was born. It was very awesome and peaceful to hold her in my arms although the first time I held her I had no clue what her name was going to be :) She is my brother Stephen and sister-in-law Laurel's baby. She is their 3rd child. Congrats bro and sis on your beautiful new daughter. I am so excited to have her in our family now.

The picture of me holding her is when she is just hours old. Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

It is the most wonderful time of the year!! ... no not Christmas!

Fourth of July is one of my very favorite holidays for sure in the top 3 if not the 1st. I love all of the things that go on BBQ with family and friends, parade, running in the Freedom Run, swimming, FIREWORKS, watching movies, the sun beaming, and eating lots of ice cream treats!! My favorite! :)

I would take a day in the sun over a day in the snow any day! (I am my mama's daughter after all) It can get way too hot to bear but there are so many enjoyable ways to fix that! Swimming, delicious drinks (especially water), and so many other things.

I have not had a spontaneous water fight in years but they are the best thing ever! :) So if you are around me where this is possible give it a try if I don't beat you to it! :)

Even though I did not feel very well last night and decided to miss the fireworks I had a great holiday and wouldn't have changed it for anything!! IT was wonderful thank you for everyone who made it so much better by being there for part of it. :)