Thursday, November 12, 2009

College: A True Blessing

School is very intense right now. I took two tests today...I study for American Heritage for about 15 hours in the last week. AH! I am done with that one thank goodness... however did not do as well as hoped :D I have to take another test Friday(tomorrow) and one on Monday.... than I have a huge American Heritage paper due Thursday next week...a paper due Friday and a paper due Monday all equally agonizing and lengthy. On top of that I have all normal reading, quizzes and homework assignments. This is typical for all college students here at the Y and I am sure other colleges. When do I enjoy life? Well this might sound odd but I should while I am going through all of this! While studying for my American Heritage test I came to realize I am not at school to pass college and cram everything in and forget it but I am here to learn and apply stuff to life. I learned so much about the US Constitution and government system. I now know how our nation became a nation and how the system works. What a wonderful blessing it is to be here and to learn about such important points in the history of our country. Without the 19th Ammendment which was passed in 1920 I would not have the right as a women to vote. I believe this is a true blessing to be able to vote. Or what a significant even the Civil War was 618,000 people died and was a very bloody war during the time of Abe Lincoln. This helped end slavery. Where would we be today if we still had slavery? I am very grateful to my Father in Heaven to let me have the chance to attend BYU. I hope I can continue to have my eyes open to the real reason I am here whether I pass or fail my classes grade wise this semester I have gained knowledge that I can take with me for eternity! Now that I am forever grateful.