Monday, January 2, 2012

Goodbye 2011!

Alright folks, here is a list that I created with my top most memorable and favorite parts of 2011! I am sure I missed some things but here it is.

#10 Season tickets to BYU football games! This was so much fun. It was the first time I ever really went to games. I got to sit by some of my favorite people I have met at BYU. <3

#9 The Sundance Sound of Music play with my family. I love this movie so much and the play was very good too. It was a highlight of the summer not to mention a great way to celebrate near my birthday.

#8 When I think back to the year some of my most treasured memories is all the fun times I had with friends. I am so grateful for all of my friends. Special shout out to: Charla, Sara, Noelle Rader (Love you girl and miss you!!), Ambar who is home from Japan!!, Marianna, Matt A., Drake, Alicia Cicion, Joe W., Brenda, and many more!

#7 Weddings for Melissa, Andrew, and Liz. Some of the people very close and dear to my heart got married this year. I had a blast at all of their weddings and enjoyed seeing each of them so happy. Although, I have to say Liz’s was the most fun considering the cute guys that were there :) LOL!

#6 One of the best things that happened this year but one of the hardest was Ailli going on her mission. I am so close to her and see her so much. It was hard to let her go. But I am so grateful for all the time we got to spend together in Jan. before she left. I am so excited for her to come back this year and will for sure be a highlight of 2012!

#5 I had a wonderful vacation with my sweet niece Kate, nephew Josh, Laurel, and Steve this was seriously so much fun. We stayed with Laurel’s sisters family and they were so fun and nice to me. I got to know Julia and that was wonderful. I enjoyed Disneyland but not near as much as just relaxing and getting know some really awesome people!! I love you Steve and Laurel!

#4 I just got a new car! Toyota Corolla 2010!! Need I say more? :)
#3 I am in love BYU Vocal Point and I got to see a lot of them this year. It made me very happy and still does. I love their music so much. I already have my tickets for several concerts this year! So excited! I love VP!!!!

#2 This year was significant because I graduated from BYU it felt like it would never happen and now it feels like forever ago! It was the biggest accomplishment thus far in my life so it feels great!

#1 The best part of my whole was the new relationship I have gained with my friend Charla. We do everything together and she is always there for me. She is a great friend. We have been through a lot together and she is an awesome cook. hehe