Thursday, March 3, 2011

Biggest Loser- Great Season

I favorite TV show is The Biggest Loser. It is the only show that I watch consistently. (keeps me insane with all of this work and school :)) This season has been very exciting there were 6 LDS members on the show and it makes a difference on this season. People have seemed to be nicer to one another. 5 of them are still in the competition and it has been going for quite a while there is only 13 people left. that is 5 out 13 are LDS!
On this season the teams have been mostly the girls against the guys with a couple exceptions but it is fun to watch. The girls have to work harder to loose weight but have won some of the weigh ins.
I think that my favorite people this season as of now is Moses and Kaylie from Shelley, Idaho. They are Polynesian, they are very fun and doing very well. Moses is in first place for weight loss which is great! I am worried Kaylie will be sent home because she is the smallest girl on the show so it is even harder for her to pull big numbers. I am also rooting for Rulon Gardner and Justin Pope (his teammate)
Courtney (aqua team) has been very inspirational to me and motivates me to do better with my goals and be happy with the little accomplishments I have.

I look forward to finishing off the season to see what happens with all the contestants in the end. It makes me happy to see all of these people change their lives.

It is never too late to start watching it yourself! Tuesdays on NBC :) I would love to watch it with someone else!!